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Kenya / US$ 37 million AfDB Loan in Support of Technical, Industrial, Vocational and Entrepreneurship Training




Kenya / US$ 37 million AfDB Loan in Support of Technical, Industrial, Vocational and Entrepreneurship Training


NAIROBI, Kenya, December 18, 2008/African Press Organization (APO)/ — The African Development Bank (AfDB) Group Board of Directors has approved a 25 million Units of Account* (equivalent to US$ 37.2 million) loan to Kenya to help finance a Technical, Industrial, Vocational and Entrepreneurship Training (TIVET) Project in the country.




The political crisis that hit the country in 2007 highlighted the problems of a massive unskilled, untrained and unemployed youth population, amidst growing poverty. In order to address some of the underlying causes of the restlessness among this huge population, Kenya has decided to intensify its efforts in expanding skills development opportunities for its youth. This includes investment programmes within the framework of the Kenya Education Sector Support Programme 2005-2010 (KESSP).




The programme aims at improving access, quality and relevance of skills development.


This Bank intervention will assist in the implementation of the KESSP-TIVET Investment Programme:


• Development of a National Skills Training Strategy.


• Enhancing transitions from primary and secondary to TIVET.


• Establishment of TIVET centres of excellence.


• Skills enhancement for automation and computer integration in industry.


• Development of a bursary awards programme.


• Creation of industrial incubators.


• Provision of equipment to polytechnics to enable them offer degree-level courses.




The intervention will involve a cross-section of existing TIVET institutions and provide a new technical training institute to each of the country’s 8 provinces. Across the target institutions, statistics indicate that 9, 231 students, including 4, 013 girls in existing technical training institutes; 3735, including 1, 460 girls, in existing institutes of technology; 5460 students, including 2, 217 girls, in polytechnics and an estimated 2, 467 boys and 1, 250 girls across provincial technical training institutes (in the first three years of operation) will benefit. Managers, instructors and counsellors in all the institutions will also benefit from improved training, working conditions and in-service training.


This intervention makes the Bank the single most significant development partner supporting the TIVET sector.


The support will significantly increase capacity, enhance quality and relevance, enhance equity, upgrade institutions, and modernize the conditions of training and learning across a cross-section of selected public TIVET institutions. These efforts also fall within the strategy to further develop sufficient capacities and skills to make the Kenyan economy more competitive.




*1 UA = US$ 1.48797 as at 18/12/2008



SOURCE : African Development Bank (AfDB)



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