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Rwanda / France / Arrest of Rose Kabuye



Rwanda / France / Arrest of Rose Kabuye


KIGALI, Rwanda, November 11, 2008/African Press Organization (APO)/ — French Ministry of Foreign Affairs Daily Press Briefing

Taken questions




Are you afraid that Ms. Kabuye’s arrest will make it even harder to normalize relations between Kigali and Paris? Was Paris aware of the Germans’ intention to arrest Ms. Kabuye?


Since June 2007, we have expressed our wish to reestablish diplomatic relations between our two countries, which Rwanda decided to break off. This has been reaffirmed on several occasions, notably by the President of the Republic during his talks with President Kagame in Lisbon and New York, and by Bernard Kouchner during his trips to Kigali.


It remains our objective.






SOURCE : France – Ministry of Foreign Affairs


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