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Sudan / 35 Journalists and Press Officers Completed Journalism Training in Kassala



Sudan / 35 Journalists and Press Officers Completed Journalism Training in Kassala


KARTHUM, Sudan, October 27, 2008/African Press Organization (APO)/ — 35 journalists from Kassala Radio and TV Corporation, press officers in line

ministries, and local correspondents from different media outlets completed a ten day journalism training

session in Kassala. The training was carried out by Mr. Mohammed Khaled, a Sudanese broadcast journalist

working for the London-based BBC Arabic Radio, deployed to Kassala by UNDP’s Transfer of Knowledge

Through Expatriates (TOKTEN) Project.

The training programme kicked off on 13 October with a

discussion and analysis of the media landscape in Sudan.

Over the ten days, Mr. Khaled’s practical training covered

all relevant skills including writing cues for stories;

interviews and clips; editorial standards and values; TV

and Radio interviewing skills; and voice delivery training.

In an effort to customize the training to the specific needs

of Kassala’s journalists and press officers, Mr. Khaled also

addressed the production of media reports; media

coverage in hostile areas; media and community related

issues such as HIV/AIDS and disasters; elections

coverage; and leadership and management of media


The training addressed journalism standards in Kassala

Radio and TV Corporation, which is the local radio and TV

station operating in Kassala State. Supported by 210 staff,

the corporation covers local and national news, and

addresses education, health, development, and social

issues through various shows and programs.

With five hours of broadcasting per day, Kassala Radio

covers Kassala and Gadaref states as well as some parts

of the River Nile State, while Kassala TV broadcasts three

hours per day and reaches 80% of the estimated 2,5

million people living in Kassala State.



SOURCE : United Nations Development Programme (PNUD)


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