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Zimbabwe / US Department of State / Daily Press Briefing


Zimbabwe / US Department of State / Daily Press Briefing


HARARE, Zimbabwe, August 27, 2008/African Press Organization (APO)/ — Daily Press Briefing Robert Wood, Deputy Spokesman

Taken questions




QUESTION: Very well. This morning, the Zimbabwean parliament opened amid members of parliament booing President Mugabe and a total chaos in parliament. Do you think this is a seed of instability in Zimbabwe since President Mugabe went ahead with opening parliament while negotiations are still underway?

And secondly, do you – does the U.S. – is it talking to the parties in Zimbabwe, both the MDC and the ruling ZANU-PF and other mediators? And what’s your assessment of the situation?

MR. WOOD: Well, our Embassy in Harare talks to a number of officials across the political spectrum. Look, there are lots of happenings going on within the Zimbabwean political system right now. And what we want to see is negotiations among the parties that will, in essence, bring about an electoral – let me just say, we would like to see the Zimbabwean Government sit down with its – with other members of the opposition and come to some sort of agreement. But our basic policy is we want to see the will of the Zimbabwean people fulfilled. And we would like to see the results – that should be based on the March 29 election results. 

You know, Zimbabwe is a country in crisis right now. The international community is willing to support the country as it goes through this. But it’s important that the Mugabe government stop harassing the opposition, that it take serious the opposition’s commitment to having a democratic government in Zimbabwe. And again, the parties need to sit down and negotiate and negotiate constructively, so that, you know, the Zimbabwean people can have a government that they so well deserve. 

QUESTION: Are you talking to the ZANU-PF and the MDC? And do you support the ongoing negotiations?

MR. WOOD: Well, what we want to see, again, is an outcome that reflects the will of the Zimbabwean people. And our Embassy talks to a wide variety of political figures in the country.



SOURCE : US Department of State


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