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Sierra Leone / Sudan / Temporary Return of Qualified Migrants Wins New Backing


Sierra Leone / Sudan /
Temporary Return of Qualified Migrants Wins New Backing


THE HAGUE, Netherlands August 22, 2008/African Press Organization (APO)/ — An IOM programme to help migrant diasporas contribute to the reconstruction and development in several post-war countries in Africa, Europe and South Asia has received new funding from the Dutch government.   

The 2, 5 million euro, three-year programme aims to facilitate the temporary return of qualified nationals living in the Netherlands to Afghanistan, Bosnia Herzegovina, Sierra Leone, Sudan and Georgia.  

It builds on a successful two- year pilot project, which has helped organize 160 temporary assignments, amongst others in fields of heath, education, agriculture and technical assistance to governments to Sudan (39), Afghanistan (37), Bosnia Herzegovina (30), Sierra Leone (26), Serbia (20) and Kosovo (8).   

“The Netherlands is keen to support the transfer of skills from diasporas to help countries of origin, especially those emerging from conflict,” says Joost van der Aalst, Chief of Mission of IOM The Netherlands.  “Migrants who take part in our programmes bring new ideas, skills and know-how and act as catalysts for longer term change.”

As well as coordinating the temporary return of qualified migrants with IOM missions and government partners in target countries, IOM The Hague will also match needs with skills available among the diasporas in The Netherlands.

IOM offices in The Hague and Accra are also currently working with the Ghanaian Ministry of Health to encourage Ghanaians and other African health professionals employed in the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and Germany to take up temporary employment in Ghanaian health institutions.


SOURCE : International Office of Migration (IOM)


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