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Libya / US Department of State Press Statement / Libya Claims Settlement


Libya / US Department of State Press Statement / Libya Claims Settlement


TRIPOLI, Libya, August 15, 2008/African Press Organization (APO)/ — US Department of State Press Statement
Robert Wood, Acting Deputy Spokesman

On August 14, 2008, the United States and Libya signed a comprehensive claims settlement agreement in Tripoli.

The agreement is designed to provide rapid recovery of fair compensation for American nationals with terrorism-related claims against Libya. It will also address Libyan claims arising from previous U.S. military actions. The agreement is being pursued on a purely humanitarian basis and does not constitute an admission of fault by either party. Rather, pursuant to the agreement an international Humanitarian Settlement Fund will be established in Libya to collect the necessary resources for the claims on both sides. No U.S. appropriated funds will be contributed, and any contributions by private parties will be voluntary. Each side will be responsible for distributing the resources it receives to its own nationals and to ensure the dismissal of any related court actions.

The U.S. Congress has supported this initiative by passing the Libyan Claims Resolution Act, which was signed into law by the President on August 4. The law authorizes the Secretary of State to immunize the assets of the Humanitarian Settlement Fund so they will reach the intended recipients. The law also provides that Libya’s immunity from terrorism-related court actions will be restored when the Secretary of State certifies that the United States has received sufficient funds to pay the Pan Am 103 and La Belle Discotheque settlements and to provide fair compensation for American deaths and physical injuries in other pending cases against Libya. The resources under the agreement are expected to be sufficient to fulfill further purposes such as additional recoveries for death and physical injury because of special circumstances, claims for emotional distress, and terrorism-related claims by commercial parties.

To ensure a successful outcome to this initiative, the final remaining steps are to establish the Humanitarian Settlement Fund and for it to assemble the necessary resources.


SOURCE : US Department of State


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