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Somalia / UN Special Representative praises progress on Djibouti Agreement

Somalia / UN Special Representative praises progress on Djibouti Agreement

MOGADISHU, Somalia, July 16, 2008/African Press Organization (APO)/ — The UN Special Representative for Somalia, Ahmedou Ould-Abdallah has praised the Somali Parties for working quickly to advance the Djibouti Agreement of 9 June 2008.


“The progress made so far has been encouraging,’ said Mr Ould-Abdallah. ” A month ago, Somali leaders from different backgrounds, made a courageous step forward to restoring the dignity of their wounded country.”


He said the Somali leadership was not working alone. Their major regional and international partners, including Permanent Members of the Security Council, had witnessed the decisive moment in Djibouti. The international community, in particular the European Union, Norway and the US, has already mobilized significant resources for the implementation of the Agreement. The period since the signing has allowed Somalis to prepare for the new challenges ahead and to give all those still uncomfortable with the idea of a reborn Somalia, time to adjust


The SRSG said that the UN Security Council would meet to discuss Somalia shortly. He also expressed the hope that a joint Somali delegation would undertake a mission to the Security Council and meet the Jaliyadda (Diaspora) in the US and in other countries.


“After 18 years of armed confrontation that has evolved from a political struggle to a conflict between and among tribes, there is now hope that we will see the dawning of a new era. The path towards Somalia regaining its dignity and sovereignty is irreversible.


“As peace calls for courage, patriotism and firm determination, it always has many enemies. Over the past two decades, countless Somalis have met brutal deaths, others went into exile or became refugees in their own country. The rest of the population is trapped and the business community’s enormous potential is not fully utilized.


“The senseless killing of innocent Somalis must be condemned. The murder of businessmen such as Abbas Mohamed Dualeh or Haji Abdikarim Sheikh Ibrahim, of aid workers such as the head of the UNDP Mogadishu office Osman Ali Ahmed, of those like Ahmed Saalim who drove food convoys, and of journalists such as Nasteh Dahir Farah, is unacceptable. This year, many Somalis from all walks of life have been gunned down by Somalis. Those who train and arm adolescents to kill their compatriots will be brought to account. They will respond before God and will also face justice on earth. Such crimes will never go unpunished.


“Today is a critical moment in Somalia’s history. I appeal to all Somali patriots to unite their ranks, defend their dignity and come together for peace and justice as their elders did in the historic Somali Youth League in the 1940s.”


SOURCE : United Nations Political Office for Somalia (UNPOS)


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