Posted by: APO | 30 June 2008

Zimbabwe / Sweden / Carl Bildt on Zimbabwe


Statement by Ministry for Foreign Affairs 27 June 2008 Carl Bildt, Minister for Foreign Affairs



Carl Bildt on Zimbabwe


“I note that today Robert Mugabe has forced the implementation of a second round of elections in defiance of both the international community and democratic decency. The election now being conducted contravenes the principles of free and fair elections.


“Here, the Zimbabwean people are not being given the right to freely choose their president. In view of this, I strongly question Robert Mugabe’s continued presidency. The legitimacy of a government is based on the free will and support of the people.


“The Zimbabwean regime has now deliberately driven the country and its people into a state-supported culture of violence, characterised by massive violations of human rights. The regime has not lived up to its responsibility to protect its people and has instead created a nation of abuse, humanitarian disaster and economic chaos.


“Now the neighbouring countries and the Southern African Development Community (SADC) must take their responsibility for re-establishing democracy, human rights and the principles of the rule of law. I also welcome the greater involvement of the African Union and the UN. When the African Union leaders meet in Sharm El Sheik in Egypt next Monday, they should make it clear that they no longer regard Robert Mugabe as Zimbabwe’s president. Based on this, they should start discussing specific steps that need to be taken for Zimbabwe’s future, based on the election that has actually been conducted.


“Concealed behind today’s farcical election lies a tragedy.”



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