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Somalia / Letter to the members of the Somali Diaspora

Somalia / Letter to the members of the Somali Diaspora

MOGADISHU, Somalia, June 27, 2008/African Press Organization (APO)/ — Letter to the members of the Somali Diaspora :


Nairobi, 27 June 2008



Asalaam Aleikum



1.    Once again I would like to thank you all for the continuing calls and emails pledging your support for the Djibouti Agreement. It is very heartening for Somalis, their friends and those sincerely interested in the resolution of the crisis to know how much backing there is for the Agreement among the members of the Somali Diaspora.



2.    As I have previously mentioned, I would like to keep you all updated with my movements. I recently traveled to London where I had meetings with many Somalis with different viewpoints at the Imperial Hotel, the School of Oriental and African Studies, a Somali restaurant and at the BBC to mention a few locations. All were committed to the future of their country. I also had constructive discussions with British Ministers, NGOs, analysts and journalists and delivered a talk to a crowded meeting at Chatham House which was attended by the British Minister, Lord Malloch Brown.



3.    On the margins of the annual Humanitarian Dialogue Conference in Norway from 23 – 27 May, I met Ministers, diplomats and experts from various countries and was very pleased by the political and financial pledges of support. A group of countries will, in the next few days, request a meeting with the UN Secretary General in New York to seek his support for Somalia and the Djibouti Agreement. I know that the Secretary General already supports the Agreement.



4.    I am delighted to announce that the international community as a whole has agreed to fund the implementation of the Djibouti Agreement. Since it was reached, the Agreement has received strong support from the Organization of Islamic Conference, the African Union, the League of Arab States, IGAD, the United States, European Union, France, the UK, Norway, Sweden and many others.




5.    Thanks to funding from the EU, Norway and the US, we have already started work on the Joint Security Committee (Article 8) and the High Level Political Committee (Article 9). Both Parties are already starting the implementation of Article 10 involving all stake holders to ensure the full and effective implementation of the Agreement. Preparations are also well underway for the Conference on Reconstruction and Development (Article 11). These are essential building blocks for the success of the Agreement and for the return of Somalia as a key player in the international arena.



6.    My continuing contacts with the TFG and with the ARS convince me that they are working extremely hard towards making the Agreement a success. The contribution of the Somali Diaspora remains extremely important for the rehabilitation of your beloved country.



7.    I would like you all to continue your good work with those involved both inside and outside Somalia to restore peace, dignity and hope to the country. Somalia needs all the help possible, especially from its children, to ensure an end to the lawlessness and violence that has engulfed it.



8.    I know you all dream of a peaceful, prosperous, environmentally-safe and stable Somalia. The time has come to work together to make that dream a reality.



Ma’a ElSalama



Ahmedou Ould-Abdallah

Special Representative of Unites Nations in Somalia


 SOURCE : Mission of UN in Somalia


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