Posted by: APO | 27 June 2008

CTA Brussels Newsletter

CTA Brussels Newsletter

Main events in the week


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1. Main ACP-EU events for next week (30 June – 6 July) 2. Briefing on “New Drivers, New Players in ACP rural development”

3. Common Agricultural Policy: sorting the facts from the fiction 4. Cuba: Michel welcomes decision to lift diplomatic measures 5. Monitoring progress towards Gender Equality in the FP6 6. Luxembourg DAC Peer Review 7. The Swedish EU Presidency 8. Logging and over-fishing threatening West Africa 9. Nestlé calls on EU to reconsider opposition to GM crops 10. KIT wins European environmental award 11. The changing face of globalisation 12. The EU must tackle malaria to achieve the MDGs 13. Development: EU renews its intentions 14. Port State measures to prevent illegal fishing 15. Reform of the support scheme in the cotton sector 16. EU to act quickly on food and fuel price rises 17. Development Aid: France announces extra billion in aid 18. EU rejects calls to drop planned tuna fishing ban 19. EU-Fiji relations 20. CEMAC ministerial Conference: the main issues 21. MEPs express solidarity with fishermen 22. EC welcomes progress towards meeting EU’s Kyoto Protocol 23. Luxembourg and the financial development partnership fund 24. Major EDF funding in store for Antigua and Barbuda 25. Africa: some interim EPAs maybe not concluded 26. Africa: major increase in aid from Spain 27. French Global Environment Fund 28. Promoting sustainable investment in the South 29. Some news from CTA




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