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Public Information Office (PIO) of UNIOSIL – 13 June 2008


[Disclaimer: Excerpts below are from print media and news agency dispatches. UNIOSIL cannot vouch for the accuracy of the media reports].


President Ernest Koroma launches SLPP Unity Radio in Freetown

Sierra Leone received another accolade in the area of democracy and political tolerance when on Thursday 12 June President Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma launched the opposition Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP) Unity Radio at the Miatta Conference Centre. The symbolic event attracted audience from a wide spectrum of society including present and former government ministers. President Koroma said his acceptance to launch the opposition radio demonstrates the level of political tolerance that has been attained in the country. President Ernest Koroma who describes the occasion as unique said “if the radio operates effectively and efficiently I will stay in power as I will be critisised where I go wrong, which will make me take corrective measures.” Awareness Times says Sierra Leoneans were full of praise for President Koroma’s magnanimity saying it will help in consolidating sustainable peace. The News and Awoko also report the launch.


SLPP suffered big blow as aspirants step down for APC candidates in Kono

Three Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP) candidates contesting the local council elections in Kono have reportedly step down for the ruling All Peoples Congress (APC) candidates. According to Salone Times, SLPP’s popularity in Kono has dwindled making it difficult for their candidates to survive the local council elections. Meanwhile, Concord Times says Paramount Chiefs that were ally to the SLPP have defected to the APC on the grounds that the district stands to benefit in terms of development under the ruling government.


Residents of Bambara Chiefdom in Kenema District threatened to boycott local council elections

Residents of Lower Bambara Chiefdom in the Kenema District, Eastern Sierra Leone, have threatened to boycott the 5 July local council elections in protest for the under development of the chiefdom. Head of the Youths and miners in the chiefdom, Saidu Kulangbanda, told Concord Times that people in the chiefdom may not vote in the local council elections because they have not benefitted form politics and that development projects have not been directed to their chiefdom.


FBC students threatened to demonstrate

The News in its front page of today’s edition says students of Fourah Bah College have threatened to demonstrate if they are not allowed to return to their hostels before the commencement of the second semester exams. The Principle of Fourah Bay College, Professor Aiah Gbakima, told journalists at the weekly government press briefing that students have shredded examination time table in protest for being order out of their hostels. In a rather angry mood, Professor Gbakima remarked, “if they behave in an animalistic style, we can treat them that way, but if they behave like gentlemen, they will have the treatment.” He said million worth of properties were destroyed during the last demonstration and stated that the monies to repair those damage will be recovered from the student fund.


Government denounces increase in fuel price

The Minister of Trade and Industry, Alimamy P. Koroma, has denied rumours that the government is about to increase prices on fuel. He told journalists at the weekly government press briefing that even though the price of fuel in escalating in the world market, the government is not planning to increase prices on fuel. The pump prices remain as they are and warned that anyone that sells fuel beyond the official price will be dealt with accordingly. The Minister warned against dangerous rumour which he said will not auger well for the stability and development of the country. The story is reported in The New Citizen, The News, For Di
People and Premier News.


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