Posted by: africanpressorganization | 22 May 2008

Two Italian nationals abducted in Somalia

Foreign ministry maintains strict reserve on the two Italian nationals abducted in Somalia

Rome 22 Maggio 2008

Given the delicacy of the circumstances surrounding the two Italian nationals recently abducted in Somalia, and the obvious necessity for discretion in such cases, Minister for Foreign Affairs Franco Frattini has given instructions that the strictest reserve be maintained, stressing the need to avoid interference with the efforts under way as well as to ensure the safety of the hostages and a positive conclusion to the affair.

Therefore from this evening onward no statements or information on developments in the affair will be provided to the media.

Certain that the members of the press would understand the reasons necessitating this approach, Minister Frattini also appealed to their professional competence and sense of responsibility in avoiding the dissemination of unsubstantiated information that could undermine efforts undertaken by all the authorised institutions involved in achieving a favourable solution to the abduction.


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