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Travel grants to conference in Ouagadougou / The Africa Commission in Copenhagen

The Africa Commission

Travel grants to conference in Ouagadougou

The Africa Commission is holding a conference on youth and education on 16 June


At the first meeting of the Africa Commission in Copenhagen on 16 April it was decided to set up five thematic conferences in various places in Africa during the next half year. Here the participants will discuss and investigate various aspects of the Commission’s focus on youth and employment.


The first conference will take place in the capital of Burkina Faso, Ouagadougou, on Monday, 16 June. The theme of the conference will be “youth and education”. More than 50 participants and several members of the Africa Commission will discuss how best to enhance the possibilities to give more young Africans an education that can lead to more jobs and higher growth.


The Africa Commission has a limited number of travel grants available for international media-representatives who want to cover the conference. It is possible to extend the stay in Burkina Faso for a few days.


The travel grant will pay for a return ticket (economy class) to Ouagadougou, hotel-accommodations, local transport and – if necessary – interpretation from French to English. The participants must pay all other expenses, including food, themselves.


Burkina Faso is one of the poorest and most vulnerable countries in the world, bordering on the Sahara desert. The country ranks second-last on the 2007/08 UN “Human Development Index”. Burkina Faso has become more and more democratic during the last years, and the government is working hard to reduce poverty. Hence, many aspects of the African development challenge can be described with Burkina Faso as an example and a frame of reference.


Reporters wanting to apply for a travel grant must apply to Head of Communication, Mr. Bjarke Larsen, the Secretariat of the Africa Commission, by e-mail no later than Monday 26 May at 08.00 AM. Free lance journalists must be able to document that they have made arrangements with one or more media(s) to report from the stay in Burkina Faso.


Do not hesitate to contact Head of Communication, Mr. Bjarke Larsen*, phone +45 33 92 03 83, mobile: + 45 25 28 37 62, if you have any questions.


You can also visit the webpage of the Africa Commission:

* Mr. Bjarke Larsen is member of the International Advisory Board of the African Press Organization (APO)


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