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Public Information Office (PIO) of UNIOSIL – 20 May 2008


[Disclaimer: Excerpts below are from print media and news agency dispatches. UNIOSIL cannot vouch for the accuracy of the media reports].


UN Secretary-General speaks on biodiversity

In his message to commemorate this year’s International Day for Biodiversity, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon, said, the occasion serves as a reminder of the importance of the earth’s biodiversity and a wake-up call about the devastating loss the world is experiencing. Mr. Ban Ki Moon said climate change and fluctuations in temperature are wrecking havoc on crops and live stock noting that if not put on check, it will have devastating consequences that will threaten peace and security in the world. “In a world where the population is projected to jump 50 per cent by 2050, these trends can spell widespread hunger and malnutrition, creating conditions where poverty, disease and even conflict can metastasize” New Vision quotes him as observing.


Human Rights Commission inducts newly recruited staff

The Human Rights Commission in Sierra Leone (HRCSL) on Monday commenced a five-day induction training for newly recruited staff at UNIOSIL’s Headquarter at Mammy Yoko, to enhance their capacity on human rights issues. HRCSL Director of Education and Communication, Sylvia George Williams, said the training will help the new staff to familiarize themselves with the work of the commission and the human rights instruments they will be working with, Awoko writes.


Civil society, NDI strengthen female aspirants capacity ahead of local elections

Female aspirants contesting the coming local council elections are being trained in the fourteen districts across the country to strengthen heir capacity for meaningful participation in the local councils. The training programme according to Awoko is an attempt by the National Democratic Institute, in collaboration with civil society and the United Nations Integrated Office in Sierra Leone (UNIOSIL), to increase women participation in governance. UNIOSIL Gender Adviser, Enshra Ahmed, said during one of the trainings, that women representation in governance is not encouraging and expressed optimism that the number of female representation will increase in the respective districts and town councils in this year’s elections.


ACC boss chides government over failure to implement TRC recommendations

Chairman of the Anti Corruption Commission (ACC), Abdul Tejan Cole, has scolded the current All Peoples Congress (APC) Government and the erstwhile Sierra Leone peoples Congress (SLPP) for their failure to implement the recommendations of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) report. The Pool quotes Mr. Tejan Cole as saying that the failure to implement the TRC recommendations has seriously undermined reconciliation efforts in the country. He said the TRC report is very explicit as it was thoroughly worked out to identify the roots causes of the civil conflict noting that its recommendations were a conscious attempt to address any recurrence of conflict in the country.


President Ernest Koroma launches National Anti Corruption Strategy

In his determination to wage war on corruption as underscored in his inauguration speech, President Dr. Ernest Koroma on Monday launched the National Anti Corruption Strategy at the British Council in Freetown. The National Anti Corruption Strategy is a blue print that explains how the Anti Corruption Commission is to go about addressing corruption in the country within a five-year period from 2008-2013. President Koroma reiterates his zero tolerance to corruption and promised to empower the ACC to tackle scourge in the country. He promised to declare his assets as soon as the legal procedures have been properly worked out so as to demonstrate to the nation that he will not condone corruption during his reign. The launch of the National Anti Corruption Strategy attracted publication in For Di People; The Exclusive; Premier News; The Pool and We Yone.


PMDC frowns at ex-president Tajan Kabbah for testifying at the Special Court

Ex-president Ahmad Tejan Kabbah has come under fierce attack for the Chairman of the Peoples Movement for Democratic Change (PMDC) UK-Ireland branch, Moijueh Kai Kai for testifying on behalf of former Revolutionary United front (RUF) leader, Issa Sesay in the on going UN backed Special Court trial. According to the New Vision, Mr. Kai Kai lashed at Tejan Kabbah for his refusal to testify in the Hinga Norman trial saying had it not been for the late man, no one would be talking of peace in the country. Mr. Kai Kai also vent his anger on the Special Court whom he said are bias as their existence is more of political rather than administering justice.



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