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Sudan / Sweden prepared to increase development assistance to Sudan

Press release

06 May 2008

Ministry for Foreign Affairs


Sweden prepared to increase development assistance to Sudan


“Peaceful and lasting development in Sudan requires the full implementation of the peace agreement between northern and southern Sudan. Sweden is prepared to raise its level of support to Sudan over the coming years in order to live up to the needs of the country,” comments Minister for International Development Cooperation Gunilla Carlsson in connection with a donors’ meeting on Sudan under the leadership of the UN and the World Bank, currently underway in Oslo.


The signing of the peace agreement in January 2005 marked the end of more than twenty years of civil war in southern Sudan. Much progress has been made in implementing the peace agreement, but a number of complicated issues remain to be solved. These include, not least, preparations for the general elections which, under the peace agreement, are to be held in 2009. The difficult humanitarian situation in Darfur is another of these issues.


SEK 980 million since 2005

“Our support is intended to contribute to the implementation of the different parts of the peace agreement, with a particular focus on the growth of democracy and women’s participation. Sweden will also continue with humanitarian operations in Darfur,” adds Ms Carlsson.


Since 2005, Sweden has provided SEK 980 million in support of humanitarian operations and reconstruction in Sudan. This support is mainly channelled via multilateral institutions and organisations.


“I am deeply concerned about the escalation of violence and the rise in crime against humanitarian deliveries to Darfur in recent times. The Sudanese government must do its utmost to restore peace and security in the area. The Sudanese government, the armed rebel groups and other militias must take their responsibility and safeguard access for humanitarian relief operations,” concludes Ms Carlsson.


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