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Darfur / UNAMID Evacuates Victims Following Bombardments of Villages in North Darfur

UNAMID Press Release No. 29 02 May 2008


UNAMID Evacuates Victims

Following Bombardments of Villages in North Darfur


El Fasher/North Darfur, 02 May 2008 – UN/AU peacekeeping forces (UNAMID) succeeded, today, in organizing an operation to air-lift wounded civilians, following SAF air attacks on the village of Umm Sidir in North Darfur, yesterday.


The evacuation was conducted at the request of humanitarian organizations and in coordination with Sudanese authorities.


A UNAMID medical team was flown to the village of Umm Sidir, this morning, to provide initial medical care to victims of the attack – which left two men dead and eight seriously injured – two of whom in a critical condition. In El Hashim and Heles, one woman was killed, while property and live-stock were destroyed.


The wounded, whose ages range from 17 to 40 years old, were, later, flown by the UNAMID forces, to El Fasher where they were admitted to hospital. One man, who has suffered severe head injuries from shrapnel, is said to be in a critical condition, another is awaiting surgery. The other men are in a stable condition.


Initial reports suggest that this SLA/-controlled area, North East of Kutum, has witnessed repeated aerial attacks and possible fighting between government and rebel forces during the course of the last few days.


UNAMID condemns attacks against civilians and urges all parties to adhere to international humanitarian laws, which prohibit military attacks against civilians.


A UNAMID fact-finding mission is currently conducting an investigation on the ground, while the peacekeeping forces continue to monitor the situation.


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