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Malaria Consortium Launches Third Round of Innovation Grants for Malaria Advocacy in Africa and Asia


Malaria Consortium Launches Third Round of Innovation Grants for Malaria Advocacy in Africa and Asia


25/04/2008 – Today on the first World Malaria Day, Malaria Consortium is launching the Third round of the Malaria Advocacy Innovation Grants which promote and encourage new and innovative advocacy initiatives in endemic countries.


In recognition of the need to raise awareness of malaria as a global pandemic, this new round of Grants is aimed at advocates in Africa and Asia.   


Launched in May 2007, the Malaria Advocacy Innovation Grants are an initiative of Malaria Consortium’s Mobilising for Malaria programme. The Grants support civil society organisations or institutions, media or community leaders and others to engage in highlighting the burden of malaria in endemic countries. They support ideas and partnerships that aim to reach new audiences in creative ways and tackle difficult issues such as equity, transparency and accountability. Audiences can include decision makers at national or regional levels, politicians, media persons, ministries, international organisations or local leaders. These grants also aim to encourage the engagement of artists to amplify advocacy messages in African and Asian countries.


Applications are invited from community based organisations, non-governmental organisations, media organisations/institutions, and individuals (within institutions/sponsored by organisations only) who are actively working towards engaging civil society actors and the public through innovative activities such as advocacy campaigns, forums, networks, music, art, film or media related projects.


Notes to Editor:


Deadline to submit proposals is Monday 16 June 2008.


The application form is available English at and


Malaria Consortium is an international non-profit organisation dedicated to improving the control of malaria, especially among the poorest and most vulnerable people in Africa. The Malaria Consortium works through a regional centre of expertise based in Uganda and offices in Ethiopia, Mozambique, Zambia, and Sudan.


Mobilising for Malaria is an advocacy programme which aims to raise awareness of malaria in Europe and throughout Africa to bring greater resources to bear against the disease. This programme recognises the unique role and urgently needed contribution of civil society in the global malaria advocacy movement. It seeks to promote ‘coalitions against malaria’ which encourage partnership working and collaboration between all civil society actors not only in their own countries but through North-South joint initiatives in order to increase public and political awareness and support for an effective and sustained response to Malaria at global, national and local levels. More information is available at


The GlaxoSmithKline African Malaria Partnership (AMP)
was established in 2001 to support effective community-focused responses to improve the prevention and treatment of malaria in sub-Saharan Africa.


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