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ITU TELECOM AFRICA Forum focuses on ICT as a catalyst for economic growth in Africa / Media accreditation

Africa rides the ICT wave

ITU TELECOM AFRICA Forum focuses on ICT as a catalyst for economic growth in Africa

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Geneva, 21 April 2008


TELECOM Forum Opening Plenary Session: ICTs in Africa – A Continent on the Move


Monday, 12 May 2008, 9:00 − 10:30


Cairo International Convention & Exhibition Centre, Chefren A&B, Cairo, Egypt


ITU TELECOM AFRICA 2008, the ICT showcase for the African region, features an exhibition as well as a high-profile Forum, which brings together CEOs, Ministers, regulators and policy-makers to debate and shape the future of Africa’s ICT industry.

A continent of vast natural wealth, a blossoming middle class and brimming with youthful zeal and entrepreneurial opportunity, Africa offers prospects of steady growth in telecom revenues for those willing to invest. Cairo, for so long the crossroads between Africa, the East and Europe, becomes the gateway to ICT opportunities in Africa over the course of the supercharged TELECOM week. In today’s ICT industry, fortunes can be made, visions can be realized and ideas can be instantly communicated around the world. Modern telecommunications are transforming our lifestyles – in the way we work, play, communicate and interact.

How can we ensure that all of Africa’s inhabitants participate in this ongoing ICT revolution? How can we guarantee that the transformed telecommunication environment remains people-centred and reflects our shared human values? The Forum session, ICTs in Africa – A Continent on the Move aims at answering these questions from a distinguished panel of movers, shakers and thinkers.



H.E. Dr Tarek Kamel, Minister of Communications and Information Technology, Egypt


H.E. Dr Ahmed Nazif , Prime Minister, Government of Egypt, Egypt

H.E. Mr Francisco Ros Perán, Secretary of State for Telecommunications and the Information Society, Spain

Dr Hamadoun I. Touré, Secretary-General, International Telecommunication Union

Invited panellists

H.E. Dr Benjamin Aggrey Ntim, Minister of Communications, Ghana

Mr Chris Gabriel, CEO Zain / Celtel, Kuwait

Mr Jay Naidoo, Chairman, J&J Group Development Trust, South Africa

For further information on this and other Forum sessions at ITU TELECOM AFRICA 2008, see here

For information on ICT in Africa and ITU’s work in bridging the Digital Divide click here.  Online registration for Visitors and Forum participants is available here.

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