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Daily Press Briefing

Statements made by

the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Spokesperson



(Paris, April 18, 2008)

[Please note that only the original French text issued by the

French Ministry of Foreign Affairs may be considered official.






France is very concerned about the violent incidents which occurred in

Bujumbura last night.


It calls on all the parties and in the first place the rebels of the

Palipehutu-FNL movement to respect the cease-fire concluded September 7,

2006, and asks them to resume negotiations without further delay in a

spirit of dialogue and cooperation so as to overcome the obstacles we’ve

seen over the past several months.


France reiterates its support for the action carried out by the South

African facilitation and political direction, and remains determined to

support all the efforts to build peace in Burundi on a permanent basis.






Q – A question about Mauritania where we learned that two foreigners were

wounded when they were fired on by the Mauritanian military. I’d like to

know if you know the nationality of the two and what their activity is.


We were informed of the incident. The casualties were two foreign

nationals, not French, and a French technical cooperation volunteer. The

latter was wounded slightly and is receiving all necessary consular and

medical assistance.


Q – Can you tell us more about the technical cooperation?


We engage in technical cooperation with many countries, and the Frenchman

who was wounded is a volunteer assisting in technical cooperation in

Mauritania. I don’t know if he’s a solider.


Q – Two days ago a car rammed the door of the French embassy in

Nouakchott. Yesterday, late in the evening, there was sustained firing

from the presidential guard on a French volunteer. In the wake of these

incidents, do you have a particular assessment of the security situation

in Mauritania?


You’re right that two days ago a vehicle rammed the entrance to the French

embassy. In that case and in the incident we were just discussing,

according to our information, it was just accidental, and we’re not going

to draw specific conclusions with respect to security. For the rest, I

refer you to our website travel advisory, “Conseil aux Voyageurs.” There

are no changes from this point of view.



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