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Chad / Launch of the Training of the Détachement intégré de sécurité in Chad


9 April 2008


Launch of the Training of the Détachement intégré de sécurité in Chad


N’Djamena, Chad – The United Nations Mission in Central African Republic and Chad (MINURCAT) initiated today the training of Chadian commanders as part of the Détachement intégré de sécurité (DIS). The ceremony took place at the Academy of the Gendarmerie in the presence of State Minister and Special Representative of the President of the Republic for MINURCAT and EUFOR, Mr. Youssouf Saley Abbas, and the Special Representative of the Secretary-General in Chad, Mr. Victor Angelo, the diplomatic corps, as well as personalities of the Government and the UN system.


“It is a great pleasure and an honor to represent the Secretary-General of the United Nations at this opening ceremony for the launch of the training session of the DIS,” Mr. Angelo said. The DIS will be exclusively a Chadian force responsible for providing security inside the refugee camps, the IDP sites and nearby towns in eastern Chad. “The deployment of this force will be conducted strictly according to the Security Council’s Resolution 1778 (2007),” the Special Representative of the Secretary-General warned.


According to the Resolution 1778, the mandate of MINURCAT is to select, train, advise and provide support to elements of the Chadian police and gendarmerie who will be part of the DIS. MINURCAT will also contribute to the mentoring and to the promotion and protection of human rights, and recommend action to the competent authorities, with a view to fighting impunity. In this regard, MINURCAT will assist the Governments of Chad and Central African Republic in the promotion of the rule of law, including through support for an independent and strengthened legal system.


Mr. Angelo paid tribute to EUFOR for its efforts in providing security in Chad and Central African Republic. Mr. Angelo also expressed his gratitude to the donor community for making funds available for the security of humanitarian activities in eastern Chad. Finally, he thanked the Chadian population for their collaboration with MINURCAT. “I wish to thank the men and women of this country with whom we have already accomplished so much. Their daily contribution to our mission has been essential. We are working together to succeed together,” he concluded.


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