Posted by: APO | 2 April 2008

Swedish initiative for closer trade dialogue with Africa


2 april 2008



Swedish initiative for closer trade dialogue with Africa


Tomorrow, Thursday 3 April, Minister for Trade Ewa Björling will be meeting ambassadors from Kenya, Namibia, Angola and Rwanda, among others, to begin a closer dialogue on trade and partnership between the EU and the African states.


Dr Björling has invited all the African ambassadors in Stockholm to discuss the economic partnership agreements (EPA), being negotiated between the EU and countries in Africa, the Caribbean and the Pacific – the APC countries.


“I want to learn more about how the African states regard the ongoing trade negotiations with the EU. A closer dialogue is necessary to enable us to understand each other’s needs and wishes, thereby enabling us to more rapidly reach solid agreements that will strengthen the opportunities for developing countries to become integrated in the global economy,” says Dr Björling.


At the beginning of the year, 35 APC countries signed temporary trade agreements with the EU, giving them full access to the internal EU market. Since then negotiations have continued with a view to broad-based agreements that also include investments and services.


Time: 15.30-17.30

Place: Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Gustav Adolfs Torg 1


Dr Björling will be available to meet the media after the meeting.


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