Posted by: APO | 21 February 2008

The Sudan Peace and Democracy Watch

The Sudan Peace and Democracy Watch

As the government of Sudan launches aerial attacks on villages in Darfur, as more Sudanese refugees flee to Chad, and as violence in the oil rich region of Abyei threatens implementation of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement, or CPA, the lack of a clear strategy for achieving lasting peace and democracy in Sudan is alarming.

CPA implementation is faltering and the peace process for Darfur is stalled. The appointment of a new U.S. Special Envoy for Sudan, Ambassador Rich Williamson, is an opportunity to inject much needed U.S. leadership and diplomatic capital into an all-Sudan approach to peace.

To spotlight peacemaking efforts in Sudan, ENOUGH is launching the Sudan Peace and Democracy Watch. Omer Ismail, a Darfurian activist for peace in Sudan and an Advisor to ENOUGH, will provide regular updates to our website on implementation of the CPA and the Darfur peace process. We encourage you to check it out and keep coming back for the latest information.


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