Posted by: APO | 29 January 2008

KENYA – IDPS Assisted As Camp Closed

KENYA – IDPS Assisted As Camp Closed – IOM has provided transportation assistance to nearly 2,000 internally displaced people (IDPs) at the Jamhuri Showground camp in the Kenyan capital, Nairobi, who expressed an interest in being relocated elsewhere as the camp is closed down.

Nearly 2,500 IDPs had been registered for transportation assistance but 500 of them decided to make their own way back to their homes or to other places to seek shelter.

Many of those assisted by IOM had expressed a desire to return to their former homes while a smaller number said they were returning to their provinces of origin.

A multitude of partner organizations such as the Kenya Red Cross, UNHCR, UNICEF and the National Alliance of Churches provided a range of services to the IDPs at the camp that included the provision of food rations, information on the voluntariness of being relocated and counselling for the particularly vulnerable.

More than 480 people still remain at Jamhuri with no other place to go. Authorities are in the process of identifying other accommodation possibilities for them. Once found, IOM will provide assistance for those wanting to leave Jamhuri.

Meanwhile, insecurity has halted the work on site planning by IOM, Kenya Red Cross and other partners for the relocation of hundreds of IDP families at Burnt Forest in Rift Valley Province.

The latest upsurge in violence in western Kenya has led to an even more fluid movement of people, making it harder to assist those in need. An IOM assessment mission to Molo last week, ended abruptly by insecurity in the area, nevertheless revealed that many of the tens of thousands of IDPs there were sheltering under trees and were without any basic shelter. There is also an urgent need to relocate stranded vulnerable groups to safer areas.


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