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United Nations / On the Algiers Bombing Report





On the Algiers Bombing Report


On Friday, 11 January 2008, the Secretary-General received from the

Under-Secretary-General for Safety and Security a preliminary report

on circumstances leading up to the terrorist attack that took place a

month earlier against United Nations premises in Algiers.


The Secretary-General has now decided to appoint an independent panel

to establish all the facts concerning the Algiers attack and also to

address strategic issues vital to the delivery and enhancement of

staff security for the United Nations in its operations around the

world. The panel will seek the full cooperation of the Algerian

governmental authorities.


The Secretary-General fully recognizes the global reality of the

environments in which the United Nations operates and the need to

work actively with Member State support to improve the security of

the staff.


The composition of this independent panel, which will draw on

international experts from outside the United Nations system, and its

more detailed terms of references are expected to be announced



The Secretary-General reiterates his commitment to continue to work

with Member States to improve the security of United Nations staff.


New York

14 January 2008



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