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Burundian President Nkurunziza Meets with Yang Jiechi


Burundian President Nkurunziza Meets with Yang Jiechi


On January 9, 2008, Burundian President Pierre Nkurunziza met with visiting Chinese Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi at the Presidential Palace in Burundi’s capital of Bujumbura.

During the meeting, Nkurunziza spoke highly of bilateral ties, saying that China was one of the first countries to establish diplomatic ties with Burundi and their relations have been developing very well. The Burundian government and people are deeply grateful for China’s long-standing support and assistance and the smooth implementation of the achievements made at the Beijing Summit of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation, he said. Burundi is under after-war reconstruction and pins great hope on furthering exchanges and cooperation with China, said the president. He expressed hope that China will continue to actively participate in Burundi’s economic rejuvenation and social development, which he said is conducive to improving the country’s capacity for self-development. He also reaffirmed Burundi’s firm adherence to the one-China policy.

Yang said China and Burundi share a profound traditional friendship and they have always remained sincere to and shared weal and woe with each other, and treated each other as equals. Based on this, bilateral relations have been developing smoothly, he said, adding that the convening of the Beijing Summit of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation, in particular, has injected new vitality into the cooperation between the two countries. Currently, Burundi has entered a new stage of peace and reconstruction, he said, expressing sincere hope that Burundi will achieve long-term peace, stability and development. China is ready to continue to offer support and assistance within its available resources to Burundi’s economic and social development and will strive to strengthen exchanges and cooperation with the country based on the principles of equality, mutual benefits and common development.

On the same day, Yang also held talks with Burundian Foreign Minister Antoinette Batumubwira. Yang raised suggestions on furthering bilateral ties in the following aspects. He urged both sides to strengthen bilateral exchanges and political dialogue to build mutual understanding and trust. Yang suggested the two countries should keep closer cooperation in international affairs, pledging that China will continue to push the international community to support Burundi’s peace and reconstruction process. The two sides should deepen economic and trade cooperation, he suggested, adding that China encourages competitive businesses to participate in Burundi’s telecommunications, agriculture and infrastructure construction. The Chinese foreign minister also called for well implementing the construction projects of schools, hospitals and anti-malaria center in Burundi with Chinese assistance to promote the development of Burundi’s social undertakings.

Echoing Yang Jiechi’s above proposals, Batumubwira said Burundi is ready to work with China to push forward Burundi-China and Africa-China friendly cooperative relations. Following the talks, the two foreign ministers jointly signed an agreement on economic and technological cooperation between the two governments.

Yang, together with First Vice-President of Burundi Yves Sahinguvu, also attended a foundation stone laying ceremony of a local primary school built with Chinese assistance.


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