Posted by: APO | 5 January 2008

Fuel crisis continues in Uganda.

4 Jan 2008

Fuel crisis forces cancellation of domestic flights

The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) on 4 January announced that all domestic flights had been cancelled because of a lack of fuel. Election-related violence in neighbouring Kenya has prevented the delivery of fuel supplies.

Personnel intending to take domestic flights in the coming days are advised to contact the relevant airline directly for more information; travellers booked on international services should also reconfirm their reservations, though long-haul flights are not reported to be affected. If undertaking overland journeys, personnel should ensure that their vehicle has sufficient fuel for the return trip as it may be difficult or impossible to buy more petrol (gasoline) en route; the price of vehicle fuel has also risen significantly since the crisis began. Personnel should also book taxis in advance for important journeys.


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