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AU-UN Joint Special Representative (JSR) meets with Governor of North Darfur State discus security measures

Press Release


AU-UN Joint Special Representative (JSR) meets with Governor of North Darfur State discus security measures


The AU-UN Joint Special Representative for Darfur (JSR), and AMIS Head of

Mission, Mr. Rodolphe Adada met with North Darfur State Governor, Osman

Mohamed Yousif Kibir in Al-Fashir yesterday (Sunday), 16 December 2007, and

reviewed security issues related to the United Nations and African Union Mission

in Darfur (UNAMID).

The meeting came in the wake of the attack by four unidentified gunmen against

the vehicle of AMIS Military Chief of Staff on 14 December 2007 near AMIS

camp in Al-Fashir.

The assailants seized the vehicle and injured the driver, but the Chief of Staff

safely survived the attack.

GoS police forces, after being informed, managed to recover the vehicle and hand

it over to AMIS Civilian Police (CIVPOL).

Mr. Adada, during the meeting, expressed thanks to Governor Kibir for the help

extended to AMIS and discussed with him the necessary measure to be put in

place to avoid such incidents in the future, where UNAMID is expected to deploy

by the end of the current month.

The governor reiterated readiness of North Darfur authorities to cooperate with

UNAMID and provide all necessary facilities to make their mission a success.

In the respect, a joint meeting involving senior officials of UNAMID and North

Darfur concerned authorities will be convened today to finalize a security plan to

ensure protection of the UNAMID and AMIS personnel and facilities in Al-Fashir.

It is worth mentioning that the AU-UN Special Representative will be working

very closely with all Sudanese parties including Darfur local communities,

movements and IDP representatives to improve security situation in the three

Darfur States and to ensure their participation in the implementation of the

UNAMID mandate.

Khartoum- 17 December 2007


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