Posted by: APO | 27 November 2007

Declaration by the Presidency on behalf of the European Union on the situation in Burundi

Declaration by the Presidency on behalf of the European Union on the situation in Burundi

The European Union welcomes the formation of a new Government of broad consensus in Burundi, as part of a dynamic, forward-looking process of dialogue and consultation.


This new political context opens up very encouraging prospects and the European Union hopes that it will help provide the stability and calm which those concerned require in order to focus on the numerous challenges that continue to mark the process of reconstructing the country and consolidating peace, and in particular transitional justice.


In that context, it calls upon the Government of Burundi to seize this new opportunity to establish once and for all the principles for the efficient and transparent management of State affairs. The European Union stands ready to support Burundi in this endeavour. It welcomes the recent agreement with the IMF.


The European Union hopes that with political calm restored, Burundi will be able, in particular, to make progress towards transitional justice. It welcomes the establishment of a tri-partite Steering Group charged with organising national consultations and hopes that it will be able to proceed with its work as efficiently as possible.


Finally, the European Union calls upon the Government of Burundi and the FNL to resume in a constructive manner the negotiation process for implementation of the agreements signed in 2006, and supports the major role taken by the Regional Initiative. It is essential that the FNL should return to its place in the joint verification and monitoring mechanism.


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