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20 November 2007

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon Urges Faithful Implementation of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement

During his meeting yesterday with the press at the UN headquarters in New York, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon urged the parties to the Comprehensive Peace Agreement to implement the agreement. “I hope, again, that the parties concerned will make a faithful implementation [of the CPA]”, he said.  He added that he had a good meeting with First President of Sudan and President of the Government of Southern Sudan Salva Kiir Mayardit and expressed hope to see smooth implementation on the CPA, on the basis of the consultations he had with Mr. Salva Kiir Mayardit on 6 November.  

UN and AU Chief Mediators Meet Darfur Movements

UN and AU Chief Mediators Tayé-Brook Zerihoun and Sam Ibok and members of the UN-AU Joint Mediation Support Team visited Juba yesterday where they held meetings with movements non-signatory to the Darfur Peace Agreement, Vice-President of the Government of Southern Sudan Riek Machar and the SPLM Task Force for the Darfur political process. The meetings were held in the context of the continued efforts of the UN-AU mediation to assist the movements in finding common ground ahead of the scheduled direct negotiations with the signatory parties to the DPA. The Chief Mediators will travel to Darfur on 21 November for a two-day visit during which they will hold meetings with other rebel movements that did not attend last month’s first round of peace talks in Sirte, Libya.

UNMIS Assists in Human Rights Training for Sudan Police Force

During a meeting held on 18 November between UNMIS Human Rights Unit, the Ministry of Interior and the Sudanese Advisory Council for Human Rights (ACHR), the Ministry of Interior approved a joint project proposed by ACHR and UNMIS on the development of a Human Rights Training Manual for the Sudan Police Force. The project will be launched on 9 December at a workshop in Khartoum.

UNMIS Civilian Police Continues Capacity Building Activities in Support of Sudan and Southern Sudan Police

UNMIS Civilian Police capacity-building activities in support of police forces in Sudan continue. During the past week, UNMIS Civilian Police launched of a six-week comprehensive “Train the Trainers Course” on community policing on 11 November  at the Police Academy in Khartoum and concluded a similar training course on 17 November in Yei. In addition, UNMIS Civilian Police concluded on 15 November 2007 a training course on special weapons and tactics at the GoS police headquarters in Kadugli, launched a five-day traffic management training session on 18 November in Dilling, and concluded a similar training course in Ed Damazin on 17 November 2007. UNMIS Civilian Police activities also included a basic computer training course that started on 15 November 2007 at the local police headquarters in Ed Damazin and English language courses for the local police in Malakal.

Security Developments

Southern Sudan and Transitional Areas

On 17 November, two drunken armed men stopped an UNMIS/SAF/SPLA Joint Monitoring Team (JMT) that was conducting a patrol to Paloich, northeast of Malakal, and forced the team to drive them to a camp.  The JMT reported the incident to the local Joint Integrated Unit Commander, who said that the incident would be investigated.

On 16 November, fighting between Arab nomads and farmers of the Hausa tribe erupted in Bados, 45 km North of Rosieres, Blue Nile State. The fighting was triggered by the killing of a nomad by a Hausa tribesman after the nomad’s cattle had destroyed the crops of the farmer.


South Darfur
,  thirty armed bandits stopped commercial trucks on 17 November 10 km West of Sania Afandu, 70 km South East of Nyala . The attackers exchanged fire with 5 soldiers from the Popular Defense Force who were escorting the convoy. Two persons were killed and two injured. The identity of the killed and injured is unknown. The PDF soldiers reportedly went missing after the incident. Two trucks were taken by the attackers while the remaining vehicles were ordered to proceed. Later on, a second convoy on its way from Sileah to Nyala was stopped at the same location by the same perpetrators. After one hour, the convoy was allowed to proceed without being looted.

On 15 November, three armed men stopped a UN vehicle with two UN staff members on board at gunpoint near the UN Office in Nyala. The attackers dropped off the staff members after a drive of about ten minutes and took off with the vehicle. The Staff were slightly injured as they were beaten by the attackers and their personal belongings were looted. The vehicle remains missing.


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