Posted by: APO | 20 November 2007

SUDAN / Local Daily Press Headlines

Local Daily Press Headlines

Tuesday 20 November, 2007


  • First Vice-President and President of South Sudan Government, Salva Kiir Mayardit addresses mass rally in Juba yesterday, says “I will not lead my people to war again” (Al Ray Al A’m).


  • Kiir says enemies of peace want to drag us back to war and that “Everybody is a looser in war and a winner in peace” (Al Sahafa, Al Ayam).


  • Kiir says his visit to America was not a conspiracy and that he is GoS leader (Akhir Lahza).


  • SPLM hits back, threatens NCP to implement key demands before January 9th (The Citizen).


  • Assistant to the President, Dr. Nafie Ali Nafie accuses two SPLM leaders (he did not name them) of crippling solution of suspended issues between the CPA partners (Al Sahafa).


  • IGAD prepares to hold a summit to resolve CPA partners’ crisis (Al Ray Al A’m).


  • EU asks NCP/SPLM to stop escalating their crisis (Al Sahafa).


  • UNSG Ban Ki-Moon says Justice and Equality Movement (JEM) was responsible for recent attack on AMIS base in Haskanita (Al Sahafa, Al Ray Al A’m).


  • AU-UN mediators to meet JEM leader Khalil Ibrahim in Darfur this week (Al Sudani).


  • Ten Darfur factions sign memo in Juba prior to unification (Al Ayam).


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