Posted by: APO | 31 October 2007

CPJ mourns death of Gambian journalist Baboucarr Gaye

CPJ mourns death of Gambian journalist Baboucarr Gaye


New York, October 31, 2007—CPJ mourns the loss of veteran Gambian journalist, radio director, and press freedom activist Baboucarr Gaye, who died of heart failure on Tuesday. Gaye helped start many independent publications, including The Senegambia Sun and The Point. He founded Citizen FM and the Citizen newspaper.


“The Gambia has lost a great press freedom advocate. Baboucarr Gaye will be greatly missed,” said Tom Rhodes, Africa program coordinator for CPJ. “Gaye was a courageous and innovative media figure who stood up to government harassment. He also translated broadcasts into local languages, helping to bring the news to all corners of The Gambia.”





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