Posted by: APO | 18 October 2007

French Daily Press Briefing


Daily Press Briefing

Statements made by

the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Spokesperson



(Paris, October 18, 2007)

[Please note that only the original French text issued by the

French Ministry of Foreign Affairs may be considered official.





France, which wishes to preserve the unity and integrity of the Union of

the Comoros, fully supports the efforts of the African Union and South

Africa to reach a peaceful solution to the crisis between the authorities

of the Union of the Comoros and the island of Anjouan.


France welcomes the decisions taken by the African Union Peace and

Security Council (PSC) on October 10. It will support the implementation

of the restrictive measures agreed October 10 against the illegal

authorities of Anjouan by the African Union’s PSC. France urges the

illegal authorities in Anjouan to comply with the demands of the African

Union and to organize the scheduled elections in Anjouan under the

supervision of the African Union Security and Election Support Mission.

It hopes, in the interest of all Comorians, that a peaceful solution is

found as quickly as possible before the end of the 45-day period set by

the African Union.





I would like to call your attention to the statement of the presidency on

behalf of the European Union on the legislative elections which were held

in Togo on Sunday, October 14.


Pending the proclamation of the definitive results, France asks all the

parties to show a sense of responsibility mirroring the civic sense shown

by the Togolese people in the past few days.



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