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DFID – 2007 Pre-Budget Report


2007 Pre-Budget Report and Comprehensive Spending Review

9 October 2007

Department for International Development


Keeping promises to the world’s poor


The Chancellor announced today that the Department for International Development’s (DFID) budget will rise by an average of 11 per cent in real terms over the CSR period, to £7.9 billion a year by 2010-11. This demonstrates the UK’s commitment to meeting the Government’s promises to combat global poverty.


Alongside details of DFID’s settlement, the Chancellor also announced today the projections for Official Development Assistance (ODA) to 2010/11. Total UK ODA will rise to over £9.1 billion by 2010/11, representing 0.56 per cent of Gross National Income (GNI), in line with the European Union’s collective commitment, keeping us on track to reach our commitment of 0.7% GNI by 2013.


Aid is working. 28 million more children are now in school in Ethiopia, Bangladesh and Afghanistan. Fresh water is available to nearly two and half million more people in India, Pakistan and Iraq. Free health care is being provided to five million more Zambians. The additional resources announced today will enable DFID to build on these successes, delivering on the Government’s promises to:


                                            help accelerate progress towards the Millennium Development Goals by providing £8.5 billion for education to 2015 and £1 billion for the Global Fund for AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria;


                                            more than double total multilateral and bilateral aid to Africa between 2004 and 2010 as pledged at Gleneagles;


                                            help poor countries increase their rate of growth – by increasing support for aid for trade to £409 million a year in 2010;


                                            help poor countries tackle climate change – DFID and DEFRA will provide £800 million to the international element of the Environment Transformation Fund.


Today’s settlement builds on annual real growth to DFID’s budget of 9.2 per cent in Spending Review 2004 and 8.1 per cent in Spending Review 2002, which is enabling DFID to lift around three million people out of poverty every year, permanently. It represents the largest development budget in the UK’s history.


Welcoming the settlement, the Secretary of State for International Development, Douglas Alexander, said:


“This is an excellent and unprecedented settlement that demonstrates the Government’s serious commitment to delivering on its promises to tackle global poverty. There is still much more to do to fight poverty, tackle climate change and encourage economic growth in the world’s poorest nations and today’s settlement will help us accelerate progress that will help us reach our goals. This settlement also heralds a cohesive and cross-cutting government approach to development. The recently created £800 million Environmental Transformation Fund tackles head-on the challenge of climate change. So many of the world’s poorest people live in fragile and insecure states and the Government is responding to these challenges with new ways of working including the Conflict Prevention Pool and the Stabilisation Aid Fund.”


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