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Financing of the African Union-United Nations Hybrid Operation in Darfur

United Nations A/62/379

General Assembly

Distr.: General

3 October 2007

Original: English

07-52737 (E) 051007


Sixty-second session

Agenda item 161


Financing of the African Union-United Nations Hybrid Operation in Darfur


Letter dated 2 October 2007 from the Secretary-General to the

President of the General Assembly


The implementation of Security Council resolution 1769 (2007) of 31 July

2007 establishing the African Union-United Nations Hybrid Operation in Darfur

(UNAMID), including the heavy and light support packages to the African Union

Mission in the Sudan (AMIS) previously agreed, will require that management and

command and control structures be established by the month of October 2007, and

that the transfer of authority and responsibility for the support of AMIS be

completed by 31 December 2007.

Despite best efforts to manage within existing modalities, to facilitate and

support within the envisaged time frames the rapid deployment of military and

civilian personnel and establish the necessary support infrastructure required in

UNAMID, it is necessary for the Secretariat to exercise some flexibility in the

application of administrative policies and procedures. I have the honour of

informing Member States of the extraordinary measures that I have exceptionally

authorized to enable the Secretariat to efficiently and effectively respond to the

demands placed upon it in implementing Security Council resolution 1769 (2007).

These measures include the following:

(a) The immediate reassignment of civilian personnel for key administrative

positions without advertisement of the posts and with, as appropriate, existing

delegations of authority, pending completion of the designation process under

ST/SGB/2005/7 of 13 April 2005;

(b) The temporary duty assignment of civilian personnel, during which the

staff member would, as a pilot initiative, temporarily encumber a UNAMID post,

thereby enabling the releasing office to recruit a temporary replacement;

(c) The expedited transition of AMIS civilian personnel to UNAMID posts

after a review of their qualifications against United Nations recruitment and grading


(d) The provision of accommodation-provided mission subsistence



2 07-52737

(e) The conduct of a new mission subsistence allowance survey to ensure

that special conditions in Darfur are properly assessed and a separate rate

established for Darfur as necessary;

(f) The amendment of the existing policy on occasional recuperation break

to provide travel time as required by UNAMID staff to exercise their full occasional

recuperation break entitlement, taking into account the local transportation


(g) The deployment of troops provided by troop-contributing countries in

advance of a signed memorandum of understanding based on broad signed

agreements being reached by both parties on the composition of the force and the

conditions of sustainment on the ground;

(h) The reimbursement of troop costs to troop-contributing Governments on

a monthly basis for the period October to December 2007, subject to the availability

of funds;

(i) An immediate increase, by up to 60 per cent, in the not-to-exceed level of

existing main contracts of the United Nations Mission in the Sudan (UNMIS),

including global systems contracts, to provide initial forward logistics support to

UNAMID, until 31 March 2008. Such an increase should be subject to prior

concurrence by the Department of Field Support and the Procurement Division and

would be reviewed by the Headquarters Committee on Contracts on an ex-post-facto


(j) The extension of existing systems contracts due to expire before

31 December 2007 for a period of one year, until 31 December 2008, with a

corresponding increase in the not-to-exceed amount of those contracts, subject to

favourable prior review by the Headquarters Committee on Contracts. This

extension shall be exercised by 31 March 2008;

(k) The increase, until 31 March 2008, from $200,000 to $400,000 of the

delegation of authority held by the Assistant Secretary-General for Mission Support

exercisable in respect of UNAMID;

(l) The increase, until 31 March 2008, from $1 million to $2 million of the

delegation of authority for the mission’s core requirements for engineering

materials, engineering services and lease of property, and the increase, until

31 March 2008, from $200,000 to $400,000 for all other requirements;

(m) Entering into non-competitive, single-source contract(s) for the provision

of logistics support in the short term subject to a review by the Headquarters

Committee on Contracts;

(n) Entering into non-competitive bidding for the letters of assist where the

support required is immediate and the cost assessed, on the basis of previous similar

cases, to be reasonable;

(o) Entering into non-competitive, single-source contracts for the provision

of medical, real estate, and security-related equipment and services, as well as

prefabricated buildings and water supply equipment, should insufficient time be

available to follow normal procurement procedures. This provision would be subject

to the concurrence of the Under-Secretary-General for Management and would be


07-52737 3

submitted for a review by the Headquarters Committee on Contracts on an ex-postfacto


(p) The exemption for UNAMID from Local Committee on Contracts

procedures for a period of eight months, during which all cases shall be submitted

through the Procurement Division to the Headquarters Committee on Contracts;

(q) Authorizing the redeployment of United Nations leased aircraft from

other missions where the contracts have an optional clause for effecting deployment

of the aircraft in the same mission or region.

The Security Council in its resolution 1769 (2007) decided that, no later than

31 December 2007, UNAMID will assume authority from AMIS with a view to

achieving full operational capability and force strength as soon as possible

thereafter, and requested the Secretary-General to put in place without delay the

practical arrangements for deploying UNAMID including submitting to the General

Assembly recommendations on funding and effective financial management and

oversight mechanisms.

In this connection, on 9 August 2007 I requested (A/62/192) the inclusion in

the agenda of the sixty-second session of the General Assembly of a supplementary

item entitled “Financing of the African Union-United Nations Hybrid Operation in

Darfur”, to be allocated to the Fifth Committee of the General Assembly.

While my proposed budget for UNAMID for the 2007/08 financial period,

including heavy support package requirements, is currently in preparation and will

be submitted to the General Assembly for its consideration during the main part of

its sixty-second session, I obtained on 8 August 2007, pursuant to section IV of

General Assembly resolution 49/233 A, the concurrence of the Advisory Committee

on Administrative and Budgetary Questions to enter into commitments up to the

limit of my authority under that resolution, namely $50 million, to meet the most

immediate and essential preparatory steps to support the establishment of UNAMID.

This amount, however, is insufficient to meet the resource requirements to

establish the UNAMID operational capacity by 31 December 2007, and as an

exceptional measure I intend to continue to provide substantial support to AMIS

under the heavy support package provisions through the temporary use of the

resources approved by the General Assembly for UNMIS for the 2007/08 financial


UNMIS would later be reimbursed by UNAMID upon approval of the

UNAMID budget for the 2007/08 period. I informed the Advisory Committee on

Administrative and Budgetary Questions on 24 April 2007 of these arrangements

and the need to use the approved UNMIS resources for logistical and financial

support flexibly for the implementation of the heavy support package pursuant to

the request contained in a letter dated 17 April addressed to me by the President of

the Security Council (S/2007/212).

I should be grateful if you would bring the measures set out above to the

attention of Member States, for their consideration under item entitled “Financing of

the African Union-United Nations Hybrid Operation in Darfur” allocated to the Fifth

Committee of the General Assembly.

(Signed) Ban Ki-moon


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