Posted by: APO | 14 August 2007


Press Statement
Sean McCormack, Spokesman
Washington, DC
August 13, 2007

Somalia – Death of Prominent Journalists in Mogadishu


We condemn the killing of prominent journalists in Mogadishu, Somalia, and we offer our sympathy and condolences to the families of the victims. The death of Ali Iman Sharmarke, a Managing Director of Horn Afrik Media, and Horn Afrik reporter Mahad Ahmed Elmi is an assault on all who are working for peace and freedom of expression in Somalia. Ali Iman Sharmarke was a civil society leader, a leader within the Mogadishu community, and a prominent voice for peace and reconciliation. These senseless murders highlight the determination of violent extremists to undermine the political process by threatening the media and the voices of those who seek reconciliation in Somalia.

At the time of their death, Sharmarke and Elmi were actively working to maintain the important role of the free media in facilitating the exchange of views necessary for national reconciliation leading to lasting peace and stability. We urge civil society, clan and religious leaders, to honor Sharmarke and Elmi by renewing their commitment to peace, reconciliation, and a stable political future for Somalia.



Released on August 13, 2007

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